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There are lots of many reason to blocked any particular websites in the any internet browser like Google ChromeInternet ExplorerUc BrowserMozilla Firefox and Opera Mini etc..You know very well how to safely use or operate your own internet browser but other people or child did not know how to browse it safely .They also did not know how to use it properly any internet browser like Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Opera Mini. The other reason to block any websites are we all know very some websites are spreading Harmful viruses, and they are also try to stolen your personal data from your own system but it does not happen everyone who use internet so it is important to block some specific websites to prevent ourselves through harmful sites.


  • They automatically install spyware software in your computer which keeps eye on your personal data to stolen it from your system.
  • They automatically install unwanted advertisement software which shows ads on your computer time to time.
  • They also try to install any harmful apps forcibly.
  • Harmful apps or software try to make your pc slow.

So your are really interested to prevents such types of critical situations and really want to interested to secure your computer from the insecure websites .So these article are very useful to all of us. There are many different path to blocked any websites. You have to choice to block any websites only for the specific browser, or the whole operating system or only in your network router.


Blocking any websites at the browser level is very simple

How to Block Site in Mozilla Firefox

  • In the Firefox to block the website we have install the addon are also called the Block Site apps to block the websites.
  • First of all install the addon and press the button ctrl+shift+a ,after that click the Extension on the Left side and then click the options under the block site. In pop-up, click More and write the name of the websites which you would like to block. If you blocked another websites than repeat these all the above step and CLICK OK.
  • NOW the websites are blocked in the Firefox if you done the entire step correctly. You can also apply the password in the blocked websites through the help of option menu which are already given.

How to Block Site in Google Chrome

  • FIRST of all open the chrome and go in the tools option and then click on the security tab option after than search the restricted sites icon and click OK .click the sites button below in the icon. Now in the pop up write the websites name which you would you like to blocked in the Chrome and press the OK to done the process.
  • Now your sites are blocked if you done all the correct step which all given above.

How to Block Any Website in Opera

Those person who use the opera to access the internet for that person this article are very good because to prevent our computer from the harmful sites. The article help you to blocked the particular sites in the opera browser in the easiest way that are given below ⇓

  • Open the main menu and go to the settings option.
  • Search the Privacy & Security option in the open slide bar.
  • Enter in the privacy & security option and find the password section and press to uncheck box option in the sub folder of private & security options.
  • In uncheck sub option select the offer to save password. Set the password.
  • If you would like to blocked all image in the opera, than add sites exceptions for image in the setting option.
  • The other method to blocked the sites in the opera is to install any parental control extension which are made by the chrome for the opera browser. This opera browser help to stop the third party sites which are open automatically and tracking your child activity online.

You can also protect your computer through the other desktop application like K9 Web Protection and many other. If you would like to install them in your computer than it also provide the solid security through the harmful sites. You have to install these type of application for child safety and to prevent our our personal data.

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